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Blue Bayou Cuts I.T. Overhead Costs for Customers

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Blue Bayou, Llc., is expanding options for its dedicated server customers again by adding an Assisted Service Plan, a professional managed server solution without the traditional costs.

Blue Bayou’s technical support will address any of the servers needed patches, backups, monitoring and vulnerability assessments.
“Proper and continuous server management is critical to a safe environment for your webstore, your visitors and your bottom line. A managed server solution can be had by businesses big or small with Blue Bayou.” Say’s Al Workman, Server Security Specialist.
Customers can get the power and security that comes with a dedicated server without having to perform all of the administrative tasks associated with an unmanaged account such as server start up, patching and keeping the all important anti-virus protection active. Add-on services, with the purchase of a service contract, includes security scans, backup and recovery, monitoring and escalation management, all at no additional fee. Custom engineering options are also available, billed at a flat hourly rate that’s below industry average.
The plan can be added to qualified dedicated hosting accounts during the purchase process, sorry existing accounts cannot be migrated. While users are provided with a basic start up environment, Blue Bayou can also assist customers who have special needs. As with all dedicated servers accounts, customers can choose from a wide range of options including operating systems, RAM, hard drives, processors and firewalls. In addition, as with all Blue Bayou services, the plan is backed by Blue Bayou’s 24-hour friendly customer support.

For more information on Blue Bayou dedicated server plans, visit here.

Don’t Rush To Twitter!

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Centerville Utah, a local municipality became the first city, as far as I know anyway that has joined the rush to Twitter.

Though I can’t argue that getting information to city residents in a timely manner is important, rushing to use an as of yet unproven technology to disseminate that information could be a problem.

Will the system (Twitter) stand up to a crisis or catastrophic event? Will Twitter be able to be relied on as a technology now and in the future? Does the existing Privacy Policy of Twitter conflict with any local privacy issues or laws?

Time will tell but for now I don’t think that municipalities should be engaging in the Twitter fad.

Blue Bayou To Offer Free Web Hosting for Non Profits

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Blue Bayou, Llc. announced it’s free web hosting program for small to medium sized non-profit groups today under sunny skies in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Understanding the struggles of many non-profit and charity organizations, Blue Bayou CRO Nick J. West said “Blue Bayou would like to extend the strained and limited budgets of these wonderful organizations by reducing or eliminating the web hosting costs for them”.

This isn’t a basic or limited web hosting account. Qualified organizations can expect more than ample server space, e-mail accounts and just about whatever it takes to make them successful. Blue Bayou will even pay for the SSL certificate if one is needed.

Interested organizations can contact Blue Bayou via Continuative at: 404-567-6095.

Translating User Suggestions Into Tangible Customer Benefits

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Why do people looking to establish or enhance their Web presence use Blue Bayou services? One reason may be the way Blue Bayou continuously looks to improve its offering of products and services based on input from customers who call Blue Bayou for help, or to suggest improvements for products and services they use.
“As economic conditions leave consumers searching for ways to save time and money, Blue Bayou has implemented a wide range of significant product upgrades and service enhancements. These improvements include significant upgrades for businesses looking to stretch their e-commerce budget and for those individuals in need of additional disk space within their hosting accounts as well.”
As more and more businesses look to begin or bolster their online presence, Blue Bayou is expanding Web site building services too. Everyone who wants to have their web site developed without investing lots of time or money, Blue Bayou has introduced Create-it-for-me Web sites for those who want an informational site to target customers.
Blue Bayou also introduced an Unlimited Hosting package designed for power users who need more disk space and bandwidth. Unlimited Hosting is available on both Windows and Linux servers, dedicated or virtual environments.
Another time-saving tool from Blue Bayou is a newly integrated product suite that allows users to quickly switch between Website Tonight, Quick Shopping Cart and Quick Blogcast.  This integration is aimed at business users who want to build a complete online presence, including e-commerce, using Blue Bayou’s simple-to-use and affordable products.
Blue Bayou is not a one sized fits all company, we have personal hands on assistance for those who require it by contacting us with a request for a custom proposal at 404-567-6095. Say’s Andretta Mariscalli, Product Development Manager.
E-mail has grown into an invaluable communication tool for both individuals and businesses. Now Blue Bayou offers an e-mail plan with unlimited storage space and IMAP. The company also launched two new Hosted Exchange e-mail plans with excellent BlackBerry support.
To review Blue Bayou’s products and services, please visit us here or click to call us below.

What Is Search Rank Cement?

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Cement, much like a buildings cement forms the base, or the foundation of your websites search rank. Cement, much like the foundation of your website should not be disturbed. Doing so, without thought can cause the entire building, er, website to fail.

Is it time for website redesign? Maybe, but changing everything at once, the frames, the layout, and the meta tags can cause unwanted search rank results.

Go ahead, change the layout but don’t disturb the current meta tags, keywords, and descriptions for a few weeks. Let the dust settle as it were and then, add and remove where needed but as always, use sound SEO strategies and research your changes first.

How To Build Mobile .MOBI Web Sites

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Blue Bayou, offers the popular WebSite Tonight® product, providing key features for those yearning to get involved in the .MOBI revolution.
Now anyone can design and create a .MOBI-compliant Web site easily and affordably. Pages designed for .MOBI are optimized for on-the-go devices, making them easy to load and navigate from the smaller, more limited screens of wireless phones and PDAs.
According to industry news, over 100,000 .MOBI domain names were registered during the first four days of the Landrush period beginning Sept. 26. General registration opens up to the public on Oct. 11 when even more registrations are anticipated. To put the excitement into perspective, it took more than 10 years for other top-level domains to garner 100,000 registrations in the early days of the Internet. The fast popularity of .MOBI registrations may support estimates by Yankee Group, an industry analyst, that the mobile data services market could reach $698 billion in yearly sales by 2009, according to a article.
Companies large and small and across all industries can embrace the power of the .MOBI top-level domain. Using WebSite Tonight offered by , users can easily create Web sites that are formatted specifically to provide on-the-go mobile content and services. For example, Web sites that are .MOBI compliant are designed with content and graphics suited for a two-inch screen rather than a 17-inch desktop monitor. Long download times and excessive scrolling can be a thing of the past.
“Providing on demand information about your company, as simple as a calendar of events, current coupons and specials, phone numbers, hours and locations is a must. Even if you’re not looking to develop a .MOBI domain now, immediately reserve your brands .MOBI name now.” Says Nick West, CRO.

Other enhancements to WebSite Tonight include calendar control, photo album enhancements, animated splash pages with sound, music and video support and an expanded workspace.
For more information about the WebSite Tonight, visit us here.

Blue Bayou to Support Web Sites Built with Ruby on Rails™

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Salt Lake City, Utah (March 10th, 2009) – Blue Bayou, LLC., now supports Web sites created using Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework which lets developers both novice and expert easily assemble rich and dynamic Web sites. Programming using Rails allows a Web designer to wrap applications easily around a database or databases on different servers. It has been widely acclaimed in Web development and software engineering circles as a new standard for ease of development and speed of delivery.

“Offering a complete suite of web hosting options is of core importance for Blue Bayou.”

For more information on Blue Bayou hosting plans, visit

Could the Wikileaks Scandal Lead to New Virtual Currency?

Monday, March 9th, 2009

The Wikileaks fiasco is shaking the foundations of the Internet and might be boosting the popularity of a virtual currency system that’s impossible to police.

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Now Accepting Free Enrollment to Conversion University

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

When the economy is down, continuing education picks up. Conversion University is a great web tutorial series from the experts at Google, and it covers everything you could possibly need to improve, or even to begin tracking your websites various analytics conversions. Everything from sales, leads, exit or bounce rates and more.

Luckily for you, Google’s Conversion University is absolutely free, so you don’t have to worry about taking out any student loans. It’s online, so you don’t have to take time off the job that pays the bills and you can do it anytime day or night.

Why would you enroll with Conversion University? It’s an all in-one tutorial that anyone can follow about using Google Analytics. It’s broken up into easy to digest segments. It’s a high quality video production that doesn’t leave anything for guesswork, it’s concrete stuff from the experts at Google themselves that you can use to improve your website and understand what your seeing when looking at your Google Analytics reports.

Read more about Conversion University or sign up now here.

What’s My Domain Worth?

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Certified Valuation of a domain name is necessary to properly weigh its worth for sale, or for domain portfolio investment.

With Blue Bayou you can receive a confidential review by our industry experts, who consider market trends and other qualitative and abstract industry factors that may affect your domain names value. Best of all, it’s affordable at just $14.99 and the turn-around is 2 business days or less.

For more on our Certified Domain Valuation and Express Domain Appraisal services, visit us here.

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